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Best Aircon Service In Singapore

Your air conditioner has a significant job: to keep you and your family inside comfortable. It may be as costly as it is irritating when an air conditioner breaks down. Our aircon services staff removes frustration from air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

We Provide The Best Aircon Services In Singapore Including: 

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Our 7days aircon servicing in Singapore is owned and managed separately to be sure that you are receiving a local professional. We come home on time for the best aircon Service and strive to make sure you are thoroughly pleased with our job, given your requirements, preferences, and budget! A guarantee backs up each 7days of aircon servicing work. We appreciate your time as much as our time. So we will pay you back if we don’t arrive at your home when you anticipate. There is no more waiting for an aircon expert to come to your house with us all day.

Aircon Installation

Sometimes old air conditioning equipment needs to be changed for cost, efficiency, or other reasons. However, the choice of an air conditioner is never one-size. Our AC specialists visit your home to evaluate which air conditioner works best for you. We will always work with you to consider your budget, preferences, and other factors important to your home and comfort.

We Do Installation Of Different Aircons

Split aircon: there are two primary components in the separate air conditioning unit: an exterior compressor and an inside air outlet.

  • Wall-mounted aircon: wall-mounted air conditioners are part of a wall-mounted air conditioning system. These systems vary from conventional central air, in which cold air is delivered to rooms via a conduit.
  • Ducted aircon: Air conditioning provides warmth and cooling through a piping system throughout the home or business space.
  • Ceiling cassette aircon: A ceiling cassette is one of the types of ductless mini-split systems. The indoor air handler with this system is not installed on a wall or floor. It is installed on the ceiling instead.

Aircon Maintenance

Your air conditioner should be maintained as it may help your air conditioner last longer. In addition, annual system maintenance and repair warranties are needed for some manufacturers. We offer a range of annual maintenance programs to suit various budgets and needs. The primary maintenance job to enhance air conditioning efficiency is the regular replacement or cleaning of air filters. Replace one centimeter of plisse filters once a month. Our technicians can assist you in maintaining your aircon.

Aircon Repair In Singapore

Our experts demonstrate how we may repair central air conditioning problems the most often. If you do not offer central air conditioning during a heatwave, you may have to wait a few days for a professional in air conditioning, and you probably will have to spend at least a hundred days in the repair. Suppose you live in Singapore and are searching for inexpensive air conditioning. We are in the correct position in this situation since we are Singapore’s top air conditioning and service provider market.

Aircon General Services

Clearing the fan coil or panel, evaporator coil, air filter, blower fan, drainage tray, condensation tray, and blower wheels is required to deliver comprehensive general services in aircraft. The seller also usually helps grease engine components and tightens electrical connections if necessary. To complete the task, the air specialist will also examine the serviceability of moving parts, electrical components, and the coolant and airflow of the blower.

Cheap Air Conditioner Services

If you are looking for the best and cheapest Singapore air-conditioning and affordable aircon services, you will find 7day aircon servicing in Singapore. 

When Do You Need To Repair The Aircon Service?

There are several issues following when aircon has to be repaired;
Your air conditioner utilizes coolant to refresh your home and may generate condensation during operation. Neither liquid should collect or enter your home, though. Pooled water or an active air conditioner leak indicates that your cooling system does not work correctly.
Aircon blinking is generally an indicator of aircon repair if the device is diagnosed with an internal issue. Most Aircon manufacturers have equipped their equipment to indicate an internal failure that the aircon must fix.
If your air conditioner is on and your thermostat is set correctly, there may be a smooth or obstructed air condenser, but your system does not refresh. Your first step is to check the external unit, purify it and remove any trash or weeds impeding airflow.
The air conditioner is used for air conditioning or repair technology, as opposed to chemical cleaning. You need to refurbish if you discover your air connection isn’t cold enough, create a loud noise, leak water or stop functioning altogether.
An Aircon chemicals cleaning involves a qualified professional who takes your air conditioner off to properly clean your belt and air filters and water tanks using a chemical solution. About the Aircon chemical wash prices, you may take six ventilator spools from one ventilator spool. The pricing depends on the quantity and depth of the cleaning units.
An air-conditioning gas recharges the coolant storage unit with the necessary chemical coolant. First, the technician locks the gas to prevent escape. Subsequently, the compressor will be refilled with the necessary gas. This process enables your aircon to chill the space more.
VRV system is a multi-split air conditioning system that allows customers to maintain individual zone control in each room and building level for commercial buildings utilizing variable coolant flow management methods.
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We provide our services to our clients. We work reliably at a cheap cost. Our employees cooperate extremely closely with consumers. We provide our customers our best.  

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The Recommended Aircon Servicing Schedule

We advise that our client prefer air conditioning in Singapore:

If You Spend More Than Any Day With The AIRCON (Or NIGHT)

  • Clean air filters every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Regular cleaning every 3 to 6 months
  • Chemical cleaning every 8 to 12 months

If You Are Going To Use The Aircraft For A Week

  • Clean air filters every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Regular cleaning every 6 to 8 months
  • Chemical cleaning every 12 months


  • Clean air filters every three months
  • Chemical cleaning every 12 months

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