Aircon Chemical Wash

During a chemical cleaning, your air conditioning machine is completely dismantled. This is done so it may clean each component of the device with the chemical agent. We take each component and submerge it in the chemical to dissolve anything collected over the years, such as airborne germs, dust, and grime. 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore Pte Ltd offers you the best aircon chemical cleaning that lasts for a long time. Our highly trained experts do our quick, professional installation of air conditioning, evaporative cooling, and heat pumps. We concentrate on ensuring your company is not disturbed by any work, maintaining a clean, peaceful atmosphere.

What do we provide in Aircon Chemical Wash?

A specialist removes your air conditioner from the wall and cleans the conditioners, the fan-cooling coil and other key components of the system using chemical cleaning. Chemical Wash Service Includes;

  • Air filters chemically disinfect
  • Inner filter vacuuming
  • Disinfect the cooling coil chemically
  • Disinfect water bowl and blower fan
  • Conduct a discharge temperature and pressure check.

Aircon chemical wash price

One fan coil price is $80.00, and 1-time server 1-time server

2 The fan coil pricing is $160.00 and 1 SERVICE TIME.

Three fan coil prices are $230.00, and 1-time service is available.

4 Fan coil price $290.00 and 1 TIME SERVICE.

How do we wash the aircon?

Aircon chemical cleaning is a procedure through which all components in air conditioning are disassembled like aircon compressor, filters of aircon, condenser, etc.).

Chemical aircon wash solution

Aircon Chemical wash solutions are now used carefully on every disassembled component, particularly air filters and drainage pipes, in which dirt is frequently collected. Following chemical cleaning, further cleaning is required to eliminate any residues. Some of the aircon components are submerged in the solution and then dried.

Disassembling the main components

Our technician altogether removes the whole air conditioning machine for appropriate cleaning. The disassembly procedure should thus be carefully carried out to prevent damage to specific components. Our expert experts serve all types of aircraft, whether primary or sophisticated.


The fans and coils are equally essential for air efficiency and cooling. By lubricating these components, we may improve airflow and circulation, substantially increasing fan speed and reducing noise.


The air conditioning unit should be restored to its previous splendor after the whole procedure has passed. We make sure all components are correctly positioned and twisted, and you will see a breakthrough in your device!

Benefits Of Aircon Chemical Cleaning

  1. Enhances air quality

Dirt and other particles collected in your unit may damage your health. This is particularly harmful to anybody with asthma or allergies in the room. When you clean air conditioning, you remove all the dirt and filth in your air conditioner.

  1. Extends the lifetime of your unit

A chemical wash is your air condition unit’s overhaul, and a competent expert will not only clean your air conditioning unit but look at the individual components and tell you what replacement or repair is necessary.

  1.  Enhance energy efficiency in your unit

Due to the buildup of dirt, your air conditioners will have to cycle the air more through the components. This makes the unit work twice as hard for the same effort, which boosts your electrical cost.

  1. Prevents frozen components

An aircon chemical wash not only gets rid of debris it also protects your unit from freezing! Some components are prone to freezing, especially if the coolant and other refrigerant elements are not properly maintained.

  1. Removes faulty smells

If your air conditioner emanates several unpleasant smells, this is usually due to the mold and mildew in the unit. An aircon chemical wash not only removes the foul smell but also prevents future problems in bacterial buildup.

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