Aircon Gas Top Up

Refilling the refrigerant storage tank with the proper chemical coolant is known as an aircon gas top-up. Our experts begin securing the gas first to avoid its escape. Then, they will add the necessary gas to the compressor. By following these instructions, your air conditioner will keep the room cool.

Our highly skilled expert can perform gas tops efficiently. We have an excellent record of accomplishment in refilling air-conditioning gas.

While it is not mandatory, we ask that you please remember that this is requested until our technicians find that the refrigerant storage unit is empty by six months. Our air conditioning specialists will take a look at the system’s pressure. For optimal use of the air conditioning, we suggest that you top up the gas every six months.

Toping up aircon Gas

The types of gas used to top up an air-conditioner are:

R22 refrigerant

R22 gas (HCFCs) contains hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). R12 has a more substantial impact on the ozone layer than this product. But as a consequence of the Clean Air Act of 2010. R22, the refrigerant will be entirely replaced with R22 by 2020. Additionally, the R22 refrigerant helps absorb the water produced during the cooling process, thereby facilitating water evacuation from the refrigerant system. In the absence of an inverter AC unit, you are likely utilizing R-22 refrigerant. It is also cheaper to buy R22 gas compared to buying R410.

R410 Gas

HFCs include refrigerants such as R410A and R134. As far as environmental safety is concerned, this air-conditioning refrigerant is presently the safest and most feasible alternative, utilized instead of R-22. There is no chlorine in the mix. Because R410A-running air conditioners are more effective, have better air quality, and are more pleasant and dependable, they are highly recommended. Gas of the R410 kind is much more costly because of its quality.

410A Freon (also known as Freon 410A)

410A refrigerant (also known as Freon 410A) Freon (R-410A) has a substantially better cooling capacity and higher pressure in systems designed especially for it. Because of this, HFC refrigerants, which are compatible with polyolefin (POE) lubricants, are taking the place of R-22, which is being phased out.

Our Service and Pricing

This service comprises the following:

  • Regular cleaning and inspection of the air filter and the front panel
  • Making sure the bio-pure/deodorizing filter is intact
  • It is recommended that you regularly inspect and clean your indoor cooling coil.
  • Drainage system flushing
  • Cleaning and testing the condenser coil

Aircon Gas Top Up Price

Type of Gas

  • The price of an R-22 gas top-up is about $50 to $60.
  • A 410a Freon gas top-up costs between $80 and $120.
  • The cost of an R-22 gas refill is $15 regardless of whether the job is done with a chemical overhaul.
  • For a whole overhaul, the R410 gas top-up costs $40.
  • The price of gas depends on how much gas we consume.

The step-by-step air-conditioning top-up process

It is feasible for individual homeowners to manage their gas top-ups, although this is neither straightforward nor easy. It may become arduous if you do not have a precise understanding of what you are doing. This will provide you with a general notion of what has to be done.

  • Prove that refrigerant is present in the system.
  • Ensure to clean away all the material that may interfere with the condenser coils or the compressor is functioning.
  • For the refrigerant, tap on the container then shut the valve.
  • Once the valve is opened, the unmistakable sound of gas filling in may be heard.
  • To continue, you should identify the low-pressure charging point, followed by an increase in engine power. In addition, it would help if you turned on the air conditioner at the highest or most relaxed setting.
  • Leave the gas alone to distribute.
  • To detach the hose, close the valve and unhook the hose.
  • Test the air conditioning to see whether it is in good working order.

You do not have to worry about anything but enjoying your air conditioning at its highest possible degree of performance.

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