Aircon Overhaul

Unlike chemical cleaning, air conditioning is utilized as an air conditioning or repair technique. If you find that your air conditioner has failed to cool or make a loud noise or leak water, or has stopped functioning, you may have to carry out a rework.

Each component of the system is removed and cleaned, repaired or replaced. Professionals of the HVAC can inform you whether your equipment needs to be overhauled entirely or just chemical cleaned.

If you have any problems with the air conditioner functioning, you should immediately call an expert technical person. Delaying the required service may exacerbate the issue further.

Why use a chemical overhaul?

Overall, overhaul helps to address the following problems.

  • Blocking sales due to dust or poisonous gunk buildup
  • Blocking drain pipes that overflow water
  • Serious damage to spirals of the evaporators
  • Fan coils not functioning correctly
  • Faults or air filters damaged

After the components have been dismantled, each is carefully examined. Some of them may need repair depending on the details, while others may require complete replacement.

Once the overhaul of the air conditioner is complete, you may anticipate your system to operate all over again like new ones.

Aircon Overhaul Price

If we look at the pricing for chemical revision, there is no significant difference between chemical washing and chemical revision. In both, the price of the fan coil utilized is approximated.

  • One fan coil pricing is $80.00, and the one-time service.
  • The price for two fan coils is $160.00 and 1-time service.
  • Three fan spool costs are $230.00, and one-time servicing is provided.
  • 4 Fan coil pricing $290.00 and 1 TIME SERVICE.

Chemical overhaul prices are also provided in units.

1 Unit Dismantling/Overhaul costs between $130 and $180.

Chemical Overhaul Service includes:

  • Unit disassembled and cleaned every component
  • Chemical filter disinfection
  • Chemically brush all areas of the inside
  • Drainage pipework with chemical flush
  • Clear vacuum blocking

Our aircon chemical overhaul process

Dismantling of the Unit

Our expert removes the air-con unit to ensure that each component is cleaned. This requires a cautious disassembly procedure, depending on your aircraft construction, since some elements may be damaged and impact the general operation of the system.

Cleaning of chemicals

Now that the whole air conditioning machine is dismantled, we clean all parts using chemical solutions, so experts remove that accumulated dust and grime. The chemicals employed guarantee 100% decomposition and dust disinfection for more fantastic and better air quality in this procedure.

Checks, tests and more cleaning

aircon Chemical overhaul also involves inspecting the control and thermostats and verifying whether the entire unit re-functions correctly. Chemically washed components are also purified by water to avoid corrosion, and other parts such as blower, drainage pan and blades are finally cleansed.


We also check for additional anomalies when the fan coil is reinstalled. If everything is OK and OK, your air conditioner should provide you with cold, fresh air again.

Benefits of Aircon Overhaul

  • A clean gadget is more efficient and safer. A clean system costs less. Filters are usually cleaned or changed first in a non-running AC. Allergies need frequent filter cleaning. Inquire about frequent filter replacements.
  • Cleaning the fan evaporator coil every year. So no dust or dirt on heat transmission. Most techs also top off the refrigerant gas here. Cooling and heating systems use refrigerant gas to exchange heat.
  • Don’t forget your air conditioner’s thermostat! It’s not a problem. Chemicals are used to enhance the thermostat’s function. Thermostats help maintain specified temperatures.
  • Clean and flush the fan blades, drain pan, blower wheel, and pipes. To ensure optimal pressure and cooling, the expert will replace the fan coil. After cleaning the coil, no corrosion-causing chemicals should remain.
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